The identity of nextpersonas is summarized in 6 guiding words, as many cornerstones of a modus operandi made of coherence, rigor and objectivity, exercised with transparency and respect for the right to privacy.


Twenty years of activity in the field of Nextplora provide nextpersonas with expertise in data driven marketing. From raw information cores to SMART DATA: it is the process that gives the data value of operability in the technological contexts used for by the companies for marketing. The application of rigorous scientific parameters allows us to obtain visions oriented to the understanding, and therefore to the future.


That of the FIRST PARTY DATA, obtained through the panel IDEEOPINIONI or owned by the customer. Their intrinsic value, as a trace of real attitudes, values and needs, guarantees the reliability of the defined personas, and therefore the ability to predict the actual behavior of consumers.


The quality of the answer lies in the value of the demand. The production of data derives from the interrogation of the panel starting from the specific needs and objectives of the client. Prerequisite for achieving effectiveness in the operability and customized results.


The data of nextpersonas supports advertising planning and CRM activities. They provide outputs to identify consumers' needs and expectations, and then to execute advertising campaigns with the most effective messages for the most accurate target segments.


The definition of the personas and the operability of the profiles are always aimed at creating unique and proprietary insights: the most useful for producing business results, with high conversion rates in digital sales, better effectiveness of digital campaigns, and greater customer loyalty.


nextpersonas regards data as an expression of the people, to be used with respect for their privacy. The limits are not based only on the provisions of the law, but on a principle of transparency and trust collaboration which constitutes the modus operandi of nextpersonas in the relationship with the owned panel of respondants.