Smart up

It uses the individual profiles and the consumption behaviors of thousands of people to enrich and qualitatively integrate the information available in CRM systems and in the digital campaign management platforms (DMP, CDP).

SMART UP creates segmentations with its own information and integrates it with those residing in company platforms and systems. Validate and enrich the behavioral and proprietary data that the company already has with predictive behavior information.

All this is possible thanks to information from the Panel IdeeOpinioni, which are:

  • updated periodically and subjected to the most stringent quality controls;
  • profiled on the socio-demographic, psyco-attitudinal and consumption variables of the main market and service categories;
  • extensible in a short time with ad hoc profiling;
  • integrable with highly scalable and compatible processes to any existing platform;
  • compliant with the EU and Italian Privacy regulations.