People Hub

The solution to create insight and to build in-house knowledge of the consumers and the markets. This is possible by accessing the IdeeOpinioni panel, creating a custom panel or qualifying the company owned customers DB for consumer insight purposes:

Access Panel Solution

With direct access to our panel IdeeOpinioni it is possible to conduct online interviews and engage consumers in qualitative online research projects in Italy.

The IdeeOpinioni panel is a resource built over the years to provide full-service research projects, which is why it offers highly qualitative features. Find out more.

Thanks to very efficient processes and timing, it is possible to make fields online for every sampling need, based on clear and transparent price list and terms of service.

If you want more information about the panel provisioning solution, get our panel book and contact us here.

Custom Panel Solution

To seek economies of scale in the investigation processes, to have marketing information on all the products, to leverage on the data of the consumers and their participation in the construction of brand value: all this requires a system and dedicated tools for shared or autonomous management of ongoing research.

Nextpersonas provides technologies, methodologies and experiences to create panels and communities dedicated or proprietary oriented to produce insight. Tools created specifically to enhance and monetize internal marketing and CRM databases, with high efficiency and low cost processes.

The advantages of PEOPLE HUB are:

  • Flexible and powerful tools to perform all types of continuous, recurrent and ad-hoc surveys, including the online insight communities.
  • Efficiency in the cost/benefit ratio through flexibility and speed in the production of information; monetization of the corporate resources of CRM and DB marketing; possibility of maximum autonomy in carrying out surveys.
  • "Evolutive" and scalable projects: from owned panels oriented exclusively to the creation of surveys, to real communities with editorial content and positive repercussions in the relationship with the brand and the company.