nextpersonas IdeeOpinioni is an owned panel populated by more than 60,000 people, online respondents that Nextplora has been recruiting, managing and maintaining since 2000, to ensure the highest quality of information collected, the consistency of people's profiles, and the speed of data collection.

  • The panel is constantly recruited through the free registration of people, who learn of the initiative thanks to word of mouth among them.
  • We do not use any e-mail marketing lists.
  • To sign up, the participant makes a double opt-in registration that complies with Italian legislation regarding privacy.
  • During registration, users provide their profile, which is useful for guaranteeing sampling quotas, as well as their participation in survey and qualitative research activities in a short time. The profile is updated every six months.
  • The subscriber accesses each questionnaire via a unique link and acknowledges using the user ID and password. Nextpersonas carries out constant checks on the coherence of the participant's identity.
  • Nextpersonas survey respondents are incentivized with economic fees that can be converted into purchases with selected partners.
  • The online panel recruitment and management activity complies with the Assirm guidelines and Esomar guidelines.

The subscribers to IdeeOpinioni can also participate in our surveys from their smartphone thanks to the mobile application.

This application allows to:

  • measure the effects of in-app mobile advertising campaigns;
  • collect the opinions of people during the assessment and decision-making phases of their purchases;
  • engage them in places and moments in which they interact with brands, services and points of sale;

... and many other opportunities.