nextpersonas is a company created by Nextplora, with the aim of overcoming the barriers between science of numbers and humanism. We translate people's attitudes, needs, orientations and desires into data. These, reflecting the reality, can be used by companies to communicate and better respond to the needs of people themselves.


nextpersonas operates so that its clients have increasingly exclusive, proprietary, distinctive and qualitative information: in order to compete and grow in the era of data driven marketing. Therefore, it collects and provides data derived and treated according to ethical criteria, which guarantee a true knowledge and predictive effectiveness of people's behavior. Only then are the results so excellent in every digital context.


Through products and services consistent with its values, nextpersonas wants to create a sustainable relationship between companies' need of working with data for marketing and advertising purposes, and the information that people are willing to share. nextpersonas wants to give companies the chance to anticipate and satisfy consumers' needs to offer them a better world and a better life.


nextpersonas operates where the needs of the client companies and its expertise and professionalism meet. On the one hand there is need to carry out more targeted, personalized and effective advertising campaigns, to increase the conversion on ecommerce and proprietary channels, and to retain customers.

On the other hand, there is the experience that Nextplora has built in being a leader in the production and management of consumer insight, and the professionalism that allows us to translate qualitative data into personas, which reflect, and predict real human behavior.

How? Through the method, which uses FIRST PARTY DATA, processed starting from the IDEEOPINIONI panel or provided by the client, and enriches them with qualitative, personalized and proprietary information, to make the data exclusive and operable in all contexts and technological platforms, be they DMP, CDP, CRM or CMS.



The profiles of nextpersonas are those of real, authentic people, "normal in their uniqueness", each with its own "cloud" (graph) of features, which defines its enriched and operable profile.
With a set of PERSONAS are produced segments of consumers and real users of the marketed product or service, which enrich the digital audiences and the customer base.